Homophones for faun, fawn, phon

faun / fawn / phon [fɒn]

faun – n. – one of a class of Latin rural deities with a human face and torso of a goat’s horns, legs & tail, identified with the Greek satyrs

fawn – adj., n. & v. – adj. – of a light brownish colour; n. – 1. a young deer in its 1st year; 2. a light yellowish brown; v. (of a deer) bring forth young

phon – n. – the unit of loudness level on a scale beginning at zero for the faintest audible sound and corresponding to the decibel scale of sound intensity with the number of phons of a given sound being equal to the decibels of a pure 1000-cycle tone judged by the listener to be equally loud