Homophones for fairing, faring

fairing-faring worksheet [] – oed – fare v. Brit. Hear pronunciation/fɛː/, U.S. Hear pronunciation/fɛ(ə)ring/

fairing – n. & v.- n. 1. the action of making something more streamlined to reduce drag and increase efficiency especially at higher speeds; 2. materials used to smooth lines and reduce drag on vehicles (often in the plural); 3. a small gingerbread biscuit/cookie; v. – 1. decorating, embellishing; 2. making a vehicle more aerodynamic/streamlined

faring n. & v.- n. 1. the action of taking a trip; 2. entertainment; 3. a state of well-being, much like in “How are you doing?”; v. intr. – travelling, journeying, proceeding