Homophones for faille, file, phial

faille / file / phial [fail]

faille – n. – a soft ribbed fabric of silk, rayon or taffeta

file – n. & v. – n. – 1. a folder, box, etc., for holding papers, especially arranged for reference; 2. a set of papers kept in this; 3. Computing a collection of data stored under one name; 4. Canadian issues and responsibilities in a specified area considered collectively; 5. a line of persons or things one behind the other; 6. an abrading tool, metal or otherwise, for reducing or smoothing a surface or edge; v. tr. – 1. place (things) in a file or among (especially public) records; 2. submit application, petition, etc., to appropriate authority; 3. submit to a newspaper or magazine; 4. walk in a line; 5. smooth or shape with a fine abrasive i.e. nail file

phial – n. – a small glass bottle, especially for liquid medicine