Homophones for ewe, yew, you, yu

ewe / yew / you / yu [ju:]

ewe – n. – an adult female sheep

yew – n. – 1. any dark-leaved evergreen conifer of the genus Taxus having seeds enclosed in a fleshy red aril and historically often planted in church yards; 2. its wood, used formerly for a material for bows and still used in cabinet making

you – n. & pron. – n. – the personality or essential nature of the person or persons being addressed; pron. – 1. used with v. tr. – ones being addressed; 2. in an exclamatory statement

yu – n. – an ancient Chinese wine vessel in the form of a small metal pail with a swing handle and a decorative cover, popular in the Shang and Early Zhou periods

ewe with lambs by Nick Fewing

Ewe with twin lambs.... a common sight in the spring.

Photo by Nick Fewing

Yew needles and berries - photo by Domara Dombrovska

The bright berries and rich greens of the yew shrubs and trees provide beauty and food for birds all winter long.

Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska

painted rocks - photo by Nick Fewings

Know you are loved. Painted rocks

by Nick Fewing

one of many Yu vessels from the Shang dynasty - article by Kathryn  M. Linduff

One of many yu vessels used in the Shang dynasty and in many ceremonial rites since.

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