Homophones for door, dor, dorr

door / dor / dorr [dɔr]

door – n. – 1. a hinged sliding or revolving barrier for closing and opening an entrance; 2. an entrance or an exit; 3. anything resembling a door; 4. either of the 2 boards or metal plates attached to the ends of a trawl net; 5. a portal to a different reality, concept or dimension

dor – n. & v. – n. – 1. trick, deception, mockery; 2. Alamellicorn beetle of the family Scarabæidæ, a species of dung-beetle, Geotrypes stercorarius, one of the commonest British beetles, less than an inch long, black with a metallic reflection, and is often heard droning through the air toward the close of the summer twilight; 3. a drone (bee); 4. the cockchafer, Melolontha vulgaris; v. – make a fool of, mock

dorr – n. – a glacial trough crossing a ridge or mountain range; 2. a dorbug – any of various insects that fly with a buzzing sound