Homophones for dom, dome

dom / dome [doʊm]

dom – n. – 1. one of the Hindu class of untouchables that resemble gypsies in their habits, engage in blacksmithing, tin-smithing, basket-making and cremate their dead; 2. doom palm – a large African fan palm, Hyphaene thebaica, that is important as a soil stabilizer in desert areas and that has fibrous leafstalks used for ropes, and fruit with ginger flavoured pulp and a rind that is used in making a beverage;
Do Not Confuse With [dɒm] – 1. a title prefixed to the names of some Roman Catholic dignitaries, Benedictine and Cathusian monks; 2. the Portuguese equivalent of don (usually capitalized)

dome – n. & v. – 1. a rounded roof vault with a circular, elliptical or polygonal base – a large cupola; 2. a stadium with such a roof; 3. a natural vault or canopy; v. tr. – to cover with the shape of a dome