Homophones for dhub, dub, dubb

dhub / dub / dubb [dʌb]

dhub – n. – spiny tailed lizard, Uromastyx aegyptia, of the Arabian Peninsula

dub – v. tr. – 1. confer an order or knighthood on someone; 2. give a person or thing a name, nickname or title; 3. provide a film with an alternative sound track in a different language; 4. transfer or make a copy of a tape or disc; v. intr. – pay up or contribute money

dubb – n. – 1. Syrian brown bear, Ursus syriacus, closely related to Ursus arctos; 2. the S2 or second heart sound in healthy four-chambered hearts, often represented as the dubb in lubb-dubb (or lub-dub) that is heard when the lower valves close