Homophones for dew, do, doux, due

dew / do / doux / due [du:]

dew – n. – moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies, especially at night

do – v. tr. & intr. – 1. tr. perform, carry out, achieve, complete (work, etc.); 2. produce, make; 3. intr. act, behave, proceed; 4. tr. work at, study, be occupied with; 6. intr. be suitable or acceptable, suffice; 7. intr. fare, get on; 8. tr. solve, work out, be competent at; 9. tr. traverse; 10. tr. slang rob; n. – 1. informal an elaborate event, party

doux – adj. – very sweet

due – adj. – 1. owed as a debt; 2. requisite or appropriate in accordance with accepted notions of what is right; 3. satisfying or capable of satisfying a need, requirement, obligation, or duty