Homophones for decks, dex

decks / dex [dɛks]

decks – n. pl. & v. 3rd sing. of deck – n. – 1. a platform in a ship covering all or part of the hull area and serving as a floor; 2. anything compared to a ship’s deck; 3. a component that carries a particular recording medium (such as a disc or tape) in sound reproduction equipment; 4. a pack of cards; 5. a floor or platform; 6. a pile of logs ready for hauling; v. – 1. decorate, adorn; 2. furnish with or cover as a deck; 3. slang knock a person to the ground

dex – n. – informal the sulfate of dextroamphetamine, the dextrorotary or “Right-handed” stereoisomer of the amphetamine molecule.