Homophones for dear, deer, dere

dear / deer / dere [di:r]

dear – adj., adv., interj. & n. – adj. – 1. beloved or much esteemed; 2. used as a formula address, especially at the beginnings of letters; 3. precious, much cherished; 4. high-priced relative to value; adv. – at a high price or cost; interj. – expressing surprise, dismay, pity, etc.; n. – a cherished person

deer – n. – any four-footed grazing animal of the family Cervidae, the males of which have deciduous antlers, or of the related families Tragulidae and Moschidae (both lacking horns)

dere – adj.,n.&v. – adj. – bold, brave, protective; n. – injury; v. – inflict harm, grieve, annoy