Homophones for deal, diel

deal / deel / diel [di:l]

deal – n. & v. – n. – 1. a large amount, to a considerable extent; 2. an agreement, especially in business of certain terms for buying or doing something; 3. a specific treatment given or received; 4. the distribution of cards to each player; 5. fir or pine timber, especially sawn into boards of standard size; 6. a board of this timber – such boards collectively; v. – 1. (followed by with) take measures concerning a problem person, etc., in order to put something right; 2. sell to or be involved with commercially; 3. distribute to several people

deel -  n. 1. sorrow, grief; 2. an agreed upon amount

diel – adj. – involving a 24-hour period that usually includes a day and the adjoining night, used chiefly in ecology