Homophones for
daos, dauws, dhows, dowse, taos

daos / dauws / dhows / dowse / taos [daus]

daos – n. – 1. a very large Philippine tree, Dracontomelon dao, of the family Anacardiaceae with edible fruit and a fibrous bark used for cordage; 2. the rather heavy, hard, strong wood of the dao characterized by dark brown markings on a lighter ground and much used for veneers on cabinet work; 3. a machete

dauws – n. pl. of dauw – Burchell’s zebras, Equus burchelli, of the plains of central or eastern Africa with stripes continuing onto the belly but the legs nearly or wholly unstriped

dhows – n. pl. of dhow –  lateen rigged Arab ships used on the East African, Arabian and Indian coasts

dowse (douse) – v. – 1. search for underground minerals or water by holding a Y-shaped stick or rod which dips abruptly when over the right spot; 2. wet thoroughly; 3. slacken; 4. cover with liquid; pour liquid onto

taos – n. pl. of tao – in Confucianism, the ways, methods or norms to be followed, especially in conduct