Homophones for
dak, dauk, dawk, dhak, doc, dock

dak / dauk / dawk / dhak / doc / dock [dɔk]

dak – n. – 1. transport or post by relays of men and horses; 2. a post station or traveller’s rest house located originally on post roads

dauk - n. - mining, a layer of soft, brown, crumbly soil either above or below a coal seam

dawk - n. a surface depression, a small hollow or furrow

dhak – n. – an East Indian tree, Butea frondosa, whose flowers yield a yellow dye

doc – n. – 1. informal short for doctor; 2. (as a form of address) buddy, fellow; 3. a documentary; 4. Computing a document

dock – n. & v. – n. – 1. a ship’s berth, a wharf; 2. an artificially enclosed body of water for the loading, unloading and repair of ships; 3. the enclosure for the accused in a criminal court; 4. any of various plants of the genus Rumex, with a spike of many small, green flowers; 5. the solid bony part of an animal’s tail; 6. British the crupper of a saddle or harness; v. – 1. tr. & intr. bring or come into a dock; 2. tr. join (spacecraft) together in space; 3. cut short (an animal’s tail); 4. deduct (a part) from wages