Homophones for daim, dam, damn

daim / dam / damn [dæm]

daim – n. – fallow deer, a European deer, Dama dama, much smaller than the red deer that has the antlers palmate near the ends and the coat spotted with white in summer and that is commonly domesticated in England where it is often kept in private parks

dam – n. & v. – n. – 1. a barrier, usually to prevent water flow; 2. the female parent of an especially four-footed domestic animal; v. – 1. provide with a dam; 2. block up, hold back; 3. obstruct

damn – v., n., interj., adj. & adv. – v. – 1. tr. & intr. curse (a person or thing); 2. tr. doom to hell; cause the damnation of; 3. tr. condemn, censure; 4. (often as damning – adj.) (of a circumstance, piece of evidence, etc.) show or prove to be guilty; bring condemnation upon; 5. be the ruin of; 6. used when swearing at a person; n. – 1. an uttered curse; 2. slang a negligible amount; interj. – expressing emphatic annoyance, frustration, approval, etc.; adj. & adv. informal = damned