Homophones for
cyke, psych, sike (syke)

cyke / psych / sike (syke) [sɑik]

cyke – n. – slang,  a cyclorama: a curved cloth or wall forming the back of many modern stage settings and used to eliminate shadows and to suggest unlimited space (as of the sky); 2. something felt to resemble a cyclodrama

psych – v. – 1. slang, psychoanalyze; 2. slang to analyze (as a problem or opponent) psychologically; 3. to overcome an opponent as a result of such analysis

sike (syke) – n. – 1. British, a small stream, one that dries up in summer; brook, gutter; 2. British ditch, trench, drain; 3. Heraldry a roundel barry-wavy of six argent and azure