Homophones for cudding, cutting

cudding / cutting [ˈkʌdɪŋ]

cudding – pres. part. of cud – v. tr. – to chew the cud; regurgitating and chewing

cutting – adj., n., & v. – adj. – cause sharp physical or mental pain to (a cutting remark, cutting wind, etc.); n. – 1.a division or wound made by a sharp instrument; 2. a reduction (in prices, wages, etc.); 3. a cessation (of a power supply, etc.); 4. an excision of part of a play, film, etc.; 5. a wounding remark or act; 6. a piece of meat severed from a carcass; v. past & past part. – tr. & intr. penetrate or wound with a sharp-edged instrument