Homophones for cross, crosse

cross / crosse [krɒs]

cross – n., v., & adj. – n. – 1. an upright post with a transverse bar; 2. a staff surmounted by a cross and borne before an archbishop or in a religious procession; 3. a thing or mark shaped like a cross, especially a figure made by two short intersecting lines (+ or x); 4. an intermixture of breeds or varieties; 5. a mixture or compromise of two things; v. – 1. tr. go across to the other side of; 2. intersect; 3. cancel or obliterate or remove from a list with lines drawn across; 4. make the sign of a cross over; 5. pass in opposite directions; 6. poorly interconnected giving the wrong meaning; 9. thwart, anger or frustrate; adj. – 1. peevish or angry; 2. transverse; reaching from side to side; 3. intersecting; 4. contrary, opposed, reciprocal

crosse – n. – in lacrosse, the stick used for catching and throwing the ball