Homophones for croes, crows, croze

croes /crows / croze  [kro:z] 

croes – n.pl. of cro - – settlements in an amounts suitable to the rank of the parties involved made in early Scottish law for the killing of a man

crows – n. & v. – n. pl. – 1. any large black bird of the genus Corvus, having a powerful black beak; 2. any similar bird of the family Corvidae, e.g. the raven or magpie; 3. the cry of a rooster; 4. a happy or triumphant cry uttered by a person; 5. derogatory, a woman, especially an old or ugly one; v. 3rd pres. sing. of crow; intr. – 1. (of a rooster) utters its characteristic loud cry; 2. (usually followed by over, about) express gleeful satisfaction, swagger; boast

croze – n. – 1. the groove near either end of a barrel stave in which the barrel-head is inserted; 2. a plane or machine for cutting the grooves in staves