Homophones for
crews, cruise, crus, cruse, krewes

crews / cruise /crus / cruse / krewes [kru:z]

crews – n. pl. & v. – n. – 1. a group of people who work together for a common purpose i.e. flight crew; v. intr. – to act as part of this group

cruise – n. & v. – 1. to travel leisurely especially by water; 2. to move about aimlessly but with the expectation of discovery; 3. to travel at a set speed especially over a long distance; n. – any such travel

crus – n. – 1. the part of the hindlimb between the femur or thigh and the ankle or tarsus; shank; 2. any of various parts likened to a leg or to a pair of legs; 3. a straight line forming one side of a triangle

cruse – n. – a small vessel (as a jar, pot) for holding a liquid (such as water, oil, honey)

krewes – n. pl. – private organizations staging festivities (as parades and balls) during Mardi Gras