Homophones for cream, creem

cream / creem [kri:m]

cream – n., v. & adj. – n. – 1. the fatty content of milk which gathers at the top and can be made into butter or eaten with a dessert, cake filling, etc.; 2. the best part of something or a group; 3. a preparation with this consistency, especially a cosmetic; 4. a very pale-yellow off-white colour; 5. a full-bodied, mellow, sweet sherry; v. – 1. tr. take remove the top layer of milk etc.; 2. tr. (usually followed by off) take the best or a specified part from; 3. tr. work to a smooth consistency; 4. tr. treat with cosmetic cream; 5. intr. slang – hit; adj. – pale yellow, off-white

creem – v. tr. – 1. to squeeze or hug as in wrestling; 2. crush, mash