Homophones for cracks, crax

cracks / crax [ˈkræks]

cracks – n. pl. of crack, v. (3rd pers. pres.) & adj. – n. – 1. a sudden sharp or explosive noise; 2. a sharp blow; 3. a narrow opening formed by a break; 4. informal a joke or gibe; a witty or cutting remark; 5. informal an attempt; 6. slang in full crack cocaine; v. tr. & intr. – 1. break without separating; 2. make or cause to make a sudden sharp sound; 3. (of the voice) change tone, break, become harsh; 4. tr. decipher; adj. – informal excellent, first-rate

crax – n. – a kind of long-legged bird, of the genus Cracidae, which includes curassows and guans