Homophones for
courant, currant, current

courant / currant / current [ˈkɜrənt]

courant – n. – newspaper, especially in the name

currant – n. – 1. any of various shrubs of the genus Ribes producing red, white, or black berries; 2. a berry of these shrubs; 3. a dried fruit of a small seedless variety of grape grown in California and the Middle East and much used in cooking

current – adj. & n. – adj. – 1. belonging to the present time; happening now; 2. (of money, opinion, a rumour, a word, etc.) in general circulation or use; n. – 1. a body of water, air, etc., moving in a definite direction, especially through a stiller surrounding body; 2. an ordered movement of electrically charged particles; 3. a quantity representing the intensity of this movement; 4. (usually followed by of) a general tendency or course (of events, opinions, etc.)