Homophones for
counter countour (countor)

counter / countour (countor) [ˈkaʊntɜr]

counter – n., v., adj. & adv. – n. – 1. a long, flat-topped fixture in a store, bank, etc., across which business is conducted with customers; 2. a similar structure used for serving food, etc., in a cafeteria or bar; 3. a flat surface in a kitchen; 4. a small disc or other object used for keeping score, especially in some board games; 5. a token representing a coin; 6. an apparatus or person that counts; v. – 1. tr. to oppose, contradict; 2. intr. make a blow while parrying; adv. – 1. in the opposite direction; 2. duplicate; serving as a check

countour (countor) – n. – 1. a pleader in an English court, specifically a sergeant-at-law; 2. an accountant or one responsible for collecting county dues.