Homophones for council, counsel

council / counsel [ˈkaʊnsəl]

council – n. – 1. an advisory, deliberative, or administrative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly; a meeting of such a body; 2. the elected administrative body of a municipality; 3. a body of persons chosen as advisers; 4. an ecclesiastical assembly

counsel – n. & v. – n. – 1. advice, especially formally given; 2. consultation, especially to seek or give advice; 3. a lawyer; a body of these advising on a case; 4. a plan of action; v. tr. – 1. (often followed by to) advise (a person); 2. give advice to (a person) on social or personal problems, especially professionally; 3. assist or guide a person in resolving personal difficulties; 4. (often followed by that) recommend (a course of action)