Homophones for cork, corke

cork / corke [kɔrk]

cork – n., adj. & v. – n. – 1. the thick light porous outer bark of the cork oak; 2. a piece of cork used as a stopper (for wine bottles, etc.); 3. an angling float; 4. a protective layer of dead impermeable cells on the outside of the stems and roots of woody plants; adj. – made of cork; v. tr. – 1. to stop up (a bottle, etc.) with or as with a cork; 2. (often followed by up) to restrain; 3. to black (the face, hands, etc.) with burnt cork

corke – n. – 1. archil – a violet dye obtained as a pasty mass from the certain lichens of the genera Roccella and Lecanora by fermentation with alkali (ammonia); 2. a plant that yields archil; 3. any of the colours imparted by the dye archil varying from moderate red to dark purplish red according as the dye bath is acid or alkaline: called also corcir