Homophones for coralline, corolline

coralline / corolline [ˈkɔrəlain]

coralline – adj. & n. – adj. – 1. like coral in colour or form; 2. composed of coral or corallines; 3. belonging to or resembling the genus Coralline or the family Corallinaceae; n. – 1. a calareous alga of the family Coralinaceae; 2. any animal that resembles a coral; 3. a poisonous yellow dye consisting of the sodium salt of aurin – called also yellow coralline or rosolic acid; 4. a red dye derived from aurin – called also red coralline

corolline – adj. – relating to or resembling a corolla: the inner set of floral leaves that immediately surround the sporophyllis, consisting of separate or fused petals, and are often highly coloured in contrast to the calyx but sometimes inconspicuous or even absent