Homophones for cor, core, corps, khor

cor / core / corps / khor  [kɔr]

cor – interj. – British slang expressing surprise, alarm, exasperation, etc.; n. – 1. a type of fish; 2. a Hebrew measure equal to a homer

core – n. & v. – 1. the hard, central part of some fruits containing the seeds; 2. the central or most important part of anything (e.g. a nuclear power plant); 3. the centre part of the earth, especially that within the mantle, with a radius of 3,500 km.; v. tr. – remove the core from (i.e. an apple)

corps – n. – 1. Military a body of troops with special duties; a main subdivision of an army in the field consisting of 2 or more divisions; 2. a body of people engaged in a special activity; 3. a regional division of the Salvation Army

khor – n. – from Arabic – a watercourse, ravine