Homophones for coop, coup, coupe

coop / coup / coupe  [ku:p]

coop – n. & v. – 1. a cage or pen for confining poultry; 2. a small place of confinement, especially a prison; v. tr. – 1. put or keep a fowl in a coop; 2. confine a person in a small place

coup – v. – 1. overturn, upset; 2. drain, capsize; 3. Brit. exchange, barter

coupe – n. – 1. a 2-door car with a hard roof, especially one seating two persons; 2. History a 4-wheeled enclosed carriage for 2 passengers and a driver; 3. a shallow glass or dish used for serving fruit, ice cream, etc. 4. fruits, ice cream, etc., served in this (goblet)