Homophones for
coom, coomb, cwm, khoum

coom / coomb / cwm / khoum  [ku:m]

coom – n. – 1. soot, coal dust or coal slack grease exuding from axle boxes or bearings; 2. English dry measure of 4 bushels, or half a quarter (equal to 141 liters), still in use in some places

coomb (combe) – n. – 1. Brit. a valley or hollow on the side of a hill; 2. a short valley running up from the coast

cwm – n. – 1. in Wales = coomb; 2. Geog. a cirque – a deep, steep-walled basin high on a mountain, usually shaped like half a bowl and often containing a small lake

khoum – n. – a monetary unit of Mauritania, equal to 1/5 of an ouguiya