Homophones for
complement, compliment

complement / compliment  [ˈkɒmplɪmənt]

complement – n. – 1. a person or thing that completes something; 2. a complete amount, number, etc.; 3. the officers and crew needed to man a ship; 4. Grammar a word, phrase, or clause that completes the meaning of the predicate; 5. Math the angle that when added to a specified angle produces a right angle; 6. Logic the class of all the things that are not members of a given class; 7. Immunology a group of proteins in the blood serum that, when activated by antibodies, destroys alien cells, such as bacteria

compliment – n. & v. – 1. a remark or act expressing respect, admiration, etc.; 2. a greeting of respect or regard; v. – 1. tr. to express admiration for, congratulate; 2. to express or show regard for, especially be a gift