Homophones for coff, cough, kaph, koff

coff / cough / kaph / koff  [kɒf]

coff – v. tr. – (Scot.) to buy

cough – n. & v. – v. – 1. tr. to expel air or solid matter from the lungs abruptly and explosively through the partially closed vocal chords; 2. to utter or express with a cough or coughs; 3. intr. to make a sound similar to this; n. – 1. an act or sound of coughing; 2. a condition of the lungs or throat which causes frequent coughing (as in some illnesses)

kaph – n. – the 11th letter of the Hebrew and other Semitic alphabets

koff – n. – a two-masted vessel with spritsails used by the Dutch and Danes