Homophones for coconut, cokernut

coconut / cokernut  [ˈko:kənʌt]

coconut – n. – 1. the fruit of the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, that is a drupe consisting of an outer fibrous husk that yields coir and a large nut containing a thick edible meat and, in the fresh fruit, a clear fluid called coconut milk; 2. (Slang) a head, especially a human head; 3. a hollow shell often half a coconut shell used to make the sound of hoof beats, especially in an orchestra; 4. a grayish brown that is slightly redder and darker than new cocoa and slightly yellower than chestnut

cokernut – n. – the edible seed of the coquito palm, Jubaea spectabilis, of Chile enclosed in a fruit like a small coconut