Homophones for coccal, cockal, cockle

coccal / cockal / cockle  [ˈkɒkəl] 

coccal – adj. – spherical, resembling round material or a section of fruit containing one seed

cockal – n. – 1. (Obs.) the knucklebone, especially of a sheep; 2. a game played with knucklebones: dibs

cockle – n. & v. – n. – 1. an edible mollusc of the genus Cardium having a chubby ribbed bivalve shell or the shell itself; 2. a small shallow boat; 3. any of various plants, especially the corn cockle of the genus Agrostemma; 4. a disease of wheat that turns the grains black; 5. a pucker or wrinkle in paper, glass, etc.; v. – 1. cause to pucker or wrinkle; 2. pucker or wrinkle