Homophones for cob, cobb, kob

cob / cobb / kob  [kɒb]

cob – n. – 1. the cylindrical centre of an ear of corn to which the rows of kernels are attached; 2. a roundish lump of coal; 3. a sturdy horse with short legs; 4. a male swan; 5. a cobnut; 6. (Brit.) a domed loaf of bread; 7. material for walls made from compressed earth, clay or chalk reinforced with straw

cobb – n. – the great black-backed gull, Larus marinus, primarily a coastal species of the North Atlantic, it has been expanding its breeding and wintering ranges farther south along the East Coast and into the Great Lakes.

kob – n. – kob antelope, a grazing antelope, Kobus kob, native to the African savannah