Homophones for coarse, corse, course

coarse / corse /course  [kors]

coarse – adj. – 1. rough or loose in texture or grain; 2. lacking refinement or delicacy, crude, obscene

corse – n. – 1. a body, either living or dead; 2. a square shaft supporting a structure; 3. part of a psalter; 4. the cover of a chariot; 5. a ribbon or band of material used in embroidery

course – n. – 1. continuous onward movement or progression; 2. a line along which a person or thing moves; 3. the ground upon which a race takes place; 4. a series of lectures; 5. any successive parts of a meal; 6. a sequencer of medical treatments, etc.; 7. a line of conduct; 8. a channel in which water flows; 9. a sail on a square-rigged ship; 10; pursuit of game by dogs; v. – 1. of liquid – run, especially fast; 2. use dogs to hunt small game