Homophones for coaled, cold

coaled / cold  [ko:ld]

coaled – past tense of coal – 1. take in a supply of coal; 2. put coal into an engine, fire, etc.

cold – adj., adv., n. – adj. – 1. at a lower or relatively low temperature; 2. not heated, cooled after being heated; 3. (of a person) feeling cold; 4. (of a person) lacking ardour, friendliness or affection; 5. disinterested; 6. dead, unconscious; adv. – 1. completely, entirely; 2. unrehearsed; n. – 1. the prevalence of a low temperature; 2. an infection in which the lining of the respiratory tract is inflamed, primarily caused by picornaviruses (including rhinoviruses) or coronaviruses