Homophones for coaks, coax, cokes

coaks / coax / cokes  [ko:ks]

coaks – n. & v. – n. – 1. a projecting tenon connecting the face of a scarfed timber with the similarly scarfed face of another timber – compare scarf joint – a dowl of hard wood or metal let into timbers to unite them or keep them from slipping – compare cog; 2. a metallic bushing or strengthening piece in the centre of a wooden block sheave; v. – to unite with a coak

coax – v. – 1. persuade gradually by flattery or by continual patient trial; 2. obtain by coaxing; 3. manipulate

cokes – n. pl. & v. – n. – 1. a solid substance left after the gases have been extracted from coal; 2. a residue left after incomplete combustion of petroleum; 3. proprietary for Coca-Cola™ - a cola flavoured soft drink; 4. slang – cocaine; v. – 3rd pers. sing. of coke – 1. convert coal into coke; 2. drug with cocaine