Homophones for clip, klip (klippe)

clip / klip (klippe)  [klɪp]

clip – n. & v. – n. – 1. a device for holding things together or for attachment to an object as a marker, especially a paper clip or device worked with a spring (i.e. a hair clip); 2. a piece of jewellery fastened by a clip; 3. a set of cartridges for a firearm; 4. an act of cutting using scissors; 5. a sharp blow, especially with the hand; 6. a short sequence from a film; 7. the quantity of wool removed from a sheep; v. – 1. shearing or cutting with scissors; 2. trim or remove hair; 3. curtail, diminish, cut-short – omit letters or syllables; 4. grip tightly; 5. attach with a clip; 6. surround closely

klip (klippe) – n. – 1. an outlying isolated remnant of an overthrust rock mass owing its isolation to erosion; 2. outlier