Homophones for
clews, clous, clues, cluse

clews / clous / clues / cluse  [klu:z]

clews – n. pl. & 3rd sing. of clew – n. – 1. (Naut.) a lower corner of a sail; 2. a set of cords suspending a hammock; v. tr. – 1. draw the lower ends of the sail to the mast for furling; 2. let down a sail by its lower corners

clous – n. pl. of clou – the point of chief interest or attraction

clues – n. pl. & 3rd sing. of clue – n. – 1. a fact or idea that serves as a guide or suggests a line of inquiry in a problem or investigation; 2. a piece of evidence; 3. a hint to solve a puzzle; v. – to provide such things

cluse – n. – a narrow gorge cutting transversely through an otherwise continuous ridge