Homophones for cite, cyte, sight, site

cite / cyte / sight / site  [sait]

cite – v. tr. – 1. mention as an example or to support an argument; 2. quote (a passage, book or author); 3. (Military) commend in an official dispatch; 4. summon to appear in a law court

cyte – n. – Biol. a maturing germ cell

sight – n. & v. – n. – 1. the faculty of seeing; 2. the act of seeing; 3. a thing seen; 4. a view of something, a glimpse; 5. a device on a gun or surveying instrument used to make one’s aim or observation more accurate/precise; v. – 1. intr. – not the presence of, observe, notice; 2. watch or locate; 3. tr. – aim a gun; 4. provide with such an instrument

site – n. & v. – n. – 1. the ground chosen or used for a town or building; 2. place where some activity is or has been conducted; 3. (Computing) a single source for files, services, etc.; v. 1. locate or place; 2. provide with a