Homophones for chute, shoot, shute

chute / shoot / shute  [ʃʊt]

chute – n. – 1. inclined channel or vertical passage down which water, parcels, coal, etc., may be dropped; 2. a steep slope used as a slide for toboggans; 3. a slide into a swimming pool; 4. a rapid or waterfall; 5. short for parachute

shoot – n., v., interj. – v. tr. & intr. – 1. to hit, wound, damage or kill with a missile discharged from a weapon; 2. to fire a weapon; 3. to send out or be sent out as if from a weapon; 4. to move very rapidly; 5. to slide or push into or out of a fastening; 6. to emit (a ray of light); 7. to hunt game with a gun for sport; 8. intr. – to produce (buds, branches, etc.); 9. to photograph; 10. (Sports) – to hit or propel towards the goal; interj. – expression of displeasure

shute – n. – in weaving, the weft