Homophones for
chou, choux, shoe, shoo, shu

chou / choux / shoe / shoo / shu  [ʃu:]

chou – n. – 1. a soft cabbage shaped ornament or rosette of fabric used in women’s wear (as a knot of ribbons on a dress or a crushed crown on a hat); 2. cabbage; 3. darling – used as a term of endearment

choux – a very light pastry made with eggs, used for éclairs, etc.

shoo – interj. & v. – interj. – go away! used to drive away unwanted or annoying people or animals; v. tr. to drive away by or as if by crying “shoo”

shoe – n. - one of a matching pair of coverings shaped to fit the foot; v. tr. 1. – to furnish with shoes; 2. to fit a horse with horseshoes

shu – n. – Confucianism: reciprocity or mutual consideration in all actions