Homophones for
chott, shot, shott, siot

chott / shot / shott / siot  [ʃɒt]

chott – n. – a shallow saline lake of northern Africa; also the dried bed of such a lake

shot – n. – 1. – an act or instance of discharging a projectile; 2. solid missile, iron ball, lead pellet discharged from a firearm; 3. a person who shoots; 4. informal – an attempt; 5. informal – a guess; 6. (Sports) any act of throwing or hitting something; 7. a single photograph 8. an injection as of a vaccine or narcotic drug; v. – past tense & past part. of shoot; adj. – (of textiles) woven to give a changing colour effect

shott – n. – 1. a young pig of either sex and esp. less than one year old; 2. a block of arable land, consisting of several or many selions, all running in the same direction, and having at either end a headland on which the plough-team could turn.

siot – n. –  N. Wales, a mash made with oatbread soaked in buttermilk