Homophones for choral, coral, corol

choral / coral / corol [ˈkɔrəl]

choral – n. – 1. a sacred song characteristic of the reformed church of Germany; a metrical hymn set to a tune of simple devotional character, and usually sung in unison; 2. Chorale a group of singers who sing principally this music; 3. belonging to a choir; 4. applied to interpretative reading or recitation of poetry, drama, etc., by a group of voices.

coral – n. – a hard calcareous substance secreted by some marine coelenterate polyps as a form of skeleton or support, sometimes considered among precious stones; 2. the unimpregnated roe or eggs of the lobster; so called from the colour when boiled; - adj. a bright red colour attributed to such animals found in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Many more colours of coral are now known. – v. - trans. to make red like coral, to crimson

corol – n. – the inner set of floral leaves (confirm)