Homophones for chigger, jigger

chigger / jigger [ˈʤɪgɜr]

chigger – n. – one of many 6-legged larval mites (family Trombiculidae) that attach themselves to various vertebrates, including man, to suck blood causing intense itching and local irritation, and in some instances serving as vector of scrub typhus or other infectious diseases

jigger – n. – 1. one that operates a jig; 2. a light tackle usu. consisting of a double end and single block face; 3. a small boat rigged like a yawl; 4. a machine carrying a revolving mold in which the clay for ceramics is shaped by a profile; 5. a machine for sleeking or pebbling leather; 6. a tool for polishing the upper leather or the edge of a boot sole; 7. a measure used in mixing drinks (usu. 1 ½ ounces); 8. a cooper’s drawknife; 9. a golf iron with a narrow, fairly well lofted face used esp. for approach shots; 10. a part of a commercial fish trap that impounds the fish