Homophones for
ch’i (qi), key, ki, quay

ch’i (qi) / key/ ki / quay  [ki:]

ch’i (qi) – n. – physical life force flowing through the body as postulated by certain Asian philosophers; the immaterial substance that composes all things.

key – n. – 1. an instrument used to unlock places or things; 2. central role or concept; 3. a winged seed; v. -1. fasten together; 2. enter code; 3. regulate pitch in music; 4. roughen a surface to apply an adhesive; - adj. – essential

ki – n. (variant of ti) – a member of the lily family, Cordyline terminalis, found in Hawaii

quay – n. – solid, stationary man-made landing place alongside or projecting into the water for loading and unloading cargo