Homophones for
cepe, cyp, seep, sipe

cepe / cyp / seep / sipe [si:p]

cepe – n. – an edible mushroom of the genus Boletus

cyp – n. – (Haitian Creole) princewood, a tropical American timber tree; 2. shrub (Cypridedium)

seep – v. intr. – 1. ooze, filter, or percolate slowly; 2. permeate; 3. pass gradually; n. – N. Amer. – a place where water, petroleum, etc., oozes slowly out of the ground

sipe – n. – small narrow voids that improve the flexibility of the lug to deform as it traverses the footprint area. This reduces shear stress in the lug and reduces heat build up (Sipes also provide greater traction in wet or icy conditions.)