Homophones for
cenosite, coenocyte, coenosite

cenosite / coenocyte / coenosite [ˈsɛnəʊsait]

cenosite (kainosite, cainosite) – n. mineralogy – Ca2(Y, Dy, Er, etc.)2Si4O12C03H2O, forming yellowish brown crystals

coenocyte – n. – 1. a multi-nucleate mass caused by repeated nuclear division without cell division; 2. an algae organism with this structure; 3. synctium

coenosite (occassionally, cenosite) – n. – 1. ecology – a free or separable symbiotic ecological arrangement; one of the organisms (symbiotic partners) involved in commensalism; 2. an organism that habitually shares food with another organism; 3. in the plural, the name of a dipteran genus