Homophones for
ceil, ciel, seal, seel (sele)

ceil / ciel / seal / seel (sele)  [si:l]

ceil – v. tr. – 1. to overlay a walk with a thin covering (obs.); 2. to line the bottom and sides of a wooden ship with planking; 3. to line (i.e. ceil a roof); 4. to furnish with a ceiling (as in a room)

ciel – n. – a pale or light blue like that of the clear sky (also used for a large number of acronyms)

seal – n. – 1. a design crest motto, etc., impressed esp. on a piece of wax or paper adhering or affixed to a document as a guarantee of authenticity – an engraved stamp; 2. plastic wrap to preserve contents; 3. an act regarded as a confirmation or promise; 4. any fish-eating sea mammal of the family Phocidae or Otariidae with flippers and webbed feet; v. tr. – 1. fasten or close securely; 2. close by sticking the edges together (as in an envelope); 3. to make impervious to water, etc.; intr. – 1. to hunt for seals

seel – (var. of sele) v. tr. – 1. to close the eyes of (as a hawk) by drawing threads through the eyelids; 2. deprive of sight, blind