Homophones for
cees, c’s, seas, sees, seize

cees / c’s / seas / sees / seize  [si:z]

cees – n. pl. – plural for the letter “c” (This is often used as an acronym with several meanings!)

c’s – n. pl. – multiples of the letter ”c” used when referring to grades, mnemonics etc.

seas – n. pl. – an expanse of salt water, i.e. oceans or large inland bodies of salt water

sees – v. tr. 3rd sing. of see – 1. watch; 2. discern, understand

seize – v. tr. – 1. to take hold of suddenly; 2. confiscate, impound; 3. comprehend quickly; 4. (naut.) fasten or attach by binding with turns of yarn, etc.